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LEICESTER Football Shirts

Leicester Football Shirt
LEICESTER Football Shirts

Founding and upfront years (1884 1949)
Formed in 1884 by a work of outmoded boys of Wyggeston assistant professor as “Leicester Fosse”, the club allied The Football attachment (FA) in 1890. in the past upsetting to Filbert Street in 1891, the club played at five different grounds, including Victoria Park south-east of the city centre and the Belgrave Road Cycle and Cricket Ground. The club as well as allied the Midland League in 1891, and were elected to disaffection Two of the Football League in 1894 after ability second. Leicester’s first ever Football League game was a 43 rout at Grimsby Town, past a first League win the once week, against Rotherham joined at Filbert Street. The same season next proverb the club’s largest win to date, a 130 victory exceeding Notts Olympic in an FA cup qualifying game. In 190708 the club curtains as Second hostility runners-up, achievement publicity to the First Division, the highest level of English football. However, the club were relegated after a single season which included the club’s scrap book defeat, a 120 loss neighboring Nottingham Forest.

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