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BOURNEMOUTH Football Shirts

Bournemouth trace their roots incite to 1890 and the formation of Boscombe St Johns Institute FC. once this club was wound up in 1899, several members, meeting below a gas lamp in Gladstone Road, categorically to form Boscombe FC. The additional club played in the Bournemouth & District Junior League but rose to ample beat that roughly speaking the twist of the century they joined the Hampshire League. In 1910 Mr JE Cooper-Dean fixed the club a long lease upon some waste showground which was developed into the club’s home, named Dean Court, after their benefactor. The club nickname of “The Cherries” dates from this become old and is supposed to be a insinuation to the clear fruit orchards upon the Cooper-Dean estate. A rather less warm credit friends the make known to the cherry-red and white striped shirts the club wore.

The club was ambitious and next the Football League formed a Third disaffection comprising the Southern League First unfriendliness clubs, Boscombe successfully applied to link the rump Southern League. Three years later, Boscombe successfully applied to join the League. To mark the occasion (and to attract wider preserve locally), the club misrepresented its name to Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic, the longest read out in League history.

bournemouth & boscombe athletic crest 1936The Cherries were to remain in the Third unfriendliness (South) until 1958 in imitation of they became founder members of the additional (national) Third Division, where they remained until they were relegated in 1970. In the mid Thirties the club adopted Arsenal style shirts adorned like a crest derived from the arms of the twin towns of Bournemouth and Boscombe but the new image unsuccessful to create an impact on the pitch. The crest made several appearances right going on until 1974-75.

In 1956-57, the club enjoyed a moment of national emphasis by beating First separation Wolves and Spurs in the FA mug back they were defeated by two controversial goals by boiurnemouth & boscombe lithe badge 1966Manchester associated in the quarter-final.

In the tardy Sixties initials became more fashionable than crests and Bournemouth’s shirts were emblazoned similar to “BFC” in various, unusual formats. It is engaging to note that the rather cumbersome initials of the club, B&BFC, were not used, presaging the change of proclaim that would arrive in 1972. The 1936 crest made a total spread in 1970-71.

In 1971, Bournemouth were relegated to the Fourth hostility for the first times but bounced back rapidly once governor John hold and sensational striker Ted MacDougall tone the estrangement alight. bond had earlier introduced afc bournemouth crest 1974a smart new black and red strip, modeled on AC Milan, and in 1972 the club adopted the rather stylish title of AFC Bournemouth. After narrowly missing out upon marketing to the Second Division, both sticking together and MacDougall left for greater things and in 1975 the club were assist in the Fourth Division.

In the 1974-75 season the club wore a rather swish further badge on their striking red shirts, which had a bold white/black/white vertical stripe upon the left, a detail repeated upon afc bournemouth crest 1981the crest. This was based on a other logo that had appeared on the club programmes after the rebranding of 1972 under the tag line, “Heading for the Top.” Although it disappeared after one season the badge would re-emerge nine years later.

In 1981 a further badge was commissioned which played upon the club’s nickname, “The Cherries.” This was dropped in 1983 in favour of the headed ball. This basic design served the club for on top of 30 years in the same way as a few young person modifications along the way. A detail of note is that the team’s original red and white stripes were preserved in the 1983 badge.

afc bournemouth crest 1983During the 1980s, below superintendent Harry Redknapp, Bournemouth enjoyed their finest era to date. In January 1984 they inflection holders Manchester allied in the FA mug and in 1987 they won the Third hostility championship for the first time. There followed a dramatic three afc bournemouth crest 1988year spell in the Second Division.

By the mid-Nineties, financial problems had reached crisis lessening and the club went into receivership in 1997. gone no rich benefactor upon the horizon the far along looked bleak and at one stage the club were 15 minutes away from closure. A thriving bid from the Supporters Trust meant that AFC Bournemouth survived and became the first community owned professional club in Europe. In April 2001, the Cherries temporarily moved in when Dorchester FC even if their Dean afc bournemouth crest 1994Court stadium was rebuilt. ham it up was completed in November 2001 but the season was to end in relegation to Nationwide unfriendliness Three. Happily they were promoted via the play-offs the with season.

In 2008-09 the Cherries narrowly avoided relegation to the Conference before creature afc bournemouth crest 2013promoted the folowing season, the begin of an astonishing rise through the divisions. In 2013, upon an risk-taking resolution day, Bournemouth ended as runners happening in League One, a narrowing astern Doncaster and returned to the second tier. For the gone season a revised crest was introduced behind the club’s make known picked out in gold, a theme picked taking place in the supplementary strip. The outdated red and white striped motif was now consigned to history.

The 2014-15 season was the most booming in the club’s history and curtains afterward The Cherries winning the Championship title and marketing to the Premier League.

The team’s colours have varied slightly throughout the club’s history. Starting off playing in red and white stripes, Bournemouth have next played in all-red shirts, red next white sleeves, and mostly, before 1990, in red and black stripes, thesame to that of Milan. A predominantly red shirt was chosen for the 200405 and 200506 seasons past a compensation to the stripes for the 200607 season due to lover demand.

Since 2017 Bournemouth’s kit has been manufactured by Umbro. back it has been made by Umbro (197478, 198386), Adidas (197881), Osca (198283), Henson (198687), Scoreline (198790), Ellgren (199092), Matchwinner (199395), Le Coq Sportif (199596), Patrick (19962000), Super League (200-01), TFG Sportswear (200103), Bourne Red (200308), Carbrini Sportswear (200811, 201415), Fila (201114) and JD Sports (201517).

Their shirts are currently sponsored by on 20172018 season, the logo will appear upon the left shirt sleeve of Bournemouth’s home and third shirts. In addition,, which is a auxiliary of Mansion, will feature upon the sleeve of the club’s away shirt. since this, sponsors have been Reg Heynes Toyota (198082, 198385), Coopers Beers (198587), Canberra Homes (198788), Nolan (198889), A1 Windscreens (199092), argument & Mart (199293), Frizzell (199397), Seward (19972006), Focal reduction (200608, 201112), Carbrini Sportswear (200811), and sparkle Consulting (201215).

AFC BOURNEMOUTH: The greatest shirt ever made

The 2017/18 season will look AFC Bournemouth in the Premier League for a third season in a row. But, more importantly, it will be the 25th anniversary of the the Matchwinner kit that is perhaps the best-known AFC Bournemouth away shirt outdoor of Bournemouth.

Often seen amid the summit 10 worst away kits the periwinkle and teal? chevrons of the 1992/93 away kit is deemed by many as an abomination, a sensory assualt upon the eyes. But here we are, yet talking not quite the kit twenty-five years later. There may be a few supplementary away kits that have captured the imagination, but for us this is still a standout shirt.

Anyone below 30 will have never seen this classic establishment in its prime. Many Cherries fans, football fans? on top of 30 will probably want to forget that it ever existed. They will find a kindred vibrancy in Bury fans who had the joy of taking the shirt to the far away flung corners of the country from Torquay to Carlisle.

Before the game we were sat in a beer garden in sunny Watford, thus sunny I fixed it was mature to unzip the jacket and unveil the periwinkle and teal beast
Back in 1997, the shirt had abandoned been taking into consideration me for four years, I established it was period to drag out the old-fashioned favourite as we went off to Vicrage Road to beat Watford 1-0 thanks to an Ian Cox goal. in the past the game we were sat in a beer garden in sunny Watford, hence sunny I arranged it was become old to unzip the coat and unveil the periwinkle and teal beast. As I got occurring to depart some ill-informed Cherries lover (he was deserted young) made some comment roughly the shirt assuming it was an Watford away shirt (I think). I happily informed him of the shirts history in the past telling him to go away.

Alright, we know that there are those who announce the away kit of kings as nothing more than a joke. But, there will undoutedly be many who own the shirt. And, those who own the shirt would undoubtedly love the shirt. instead why would you buy it. We say many, but next average gates of 4000 help in 1992/93 the number will be quite little we would imagine. If we had 4000 fans past about 20% wearing a shirt that equals 800 fans. Lets be generous and say 1000 fans. Of those thousand fans we would go for more or less 20%, again, that owned the away shirt. We create that a grand total of 200 shirts.

Are there in point of fact 200 shirts out there? We want to locate out who owns the holy grail of AFC Bournemouth away shirts and bring them together at a home game adjacent season to celebrate its 25 years. Are you in? Will you wear the purple pariah? We would love to see a line-up of the shirts. If we acquire enough people impatient I will ask the club to allow us acquire a photo taken on the dome before the game. What a sight to be behold. arrive and connect us.

Do you ever bewilderment what a player thinks of wearing a shirt that they hate? in view of that get we. therefore which plyers were lucky passable to don the periwinkle and teal. Long-serving performer and superintendent Sean ODriscoll would have had the pleasure along considering club legend Supa Fletch.

energetic Football Club Bournemouth, often abbreviated as AFC Bournemouth or straightforwardly Bournemouth, is a professional football club based in Kings Park, Boscombe, a suburb of Bournemouth, Dorset, that plays in the Premier League, the summit tier of the English football league system. Formed in 1899 as Boscombe St. John’s Institute F.C., the club adopted their current pronounce in 1972. Nicknamed “The Cherries”, Bournemouth have played their house games at Dean Court past 1910. Their home colours are red and black striped shirts, in the same way as black shorts and socks, inspired by that of Italian club A.C. Milan.

AFC Bournemouth’s honours count up winning the second and third tiers of English football once, the Football League Trophy bearing in mind and the Football League Third division South Cup.

The club has spent the majority of their records bouncing between the third and fourth tiers of English football. under overseer Eddie Howe, they have risen through the pyramid; the 201516 season was their first ever in the summit flight and they have remained there ever since.
Boscombe F.C.
Although the exact date of the club’s establishment is not known, there is proof that it was formed in the autumn of 1899 out of the remains of the older Boscombe St. John’s Institute F.C. The club was originally known as Boscombe F.C. The first president was Mr. J. C. Nutt.

In their first season, 18991900, Boscombe F.C. competed in the Bournemouth and District Junior League. They moreover played in the Hants Junior Cup. During the first two seasons, they played upon a football ring in Castlemain Avenue, Pokesdown. From their third season, the team played upon a auditorium in King’s Park. In the 190506 season, Boscombe F.C. graduated to senior amateur football.

In 1910, the club was contracted a long lease higher than some wasteland next-door to Kings Park as the club’s football sports ground by local businessman J.E. Cooper-Dean. like their own ground, named Dean Court after the benefactor, the club continued to be plentiful and dominated the local football scene. The similar year the club signed its first professional artiste Baven Penton.

Around just about this time, the club obtained their nickname “The Cherries”. There are two leading explanations of how the club gained the nickname: from the cherry-red striped shirts that the team played in, and, perhaps less plausible, because Dean Court was built next to the Cooper-Dean estate, which, it is believed, may have contained many cherry trees.

For the first time, during the 191314 season, the club competed in the FA Cup. The club’s progress, however, was halted in 1914 later than the outbreak of World conflict I, and Boscombe F.C. returned to the Hampshire League.

In 1920, the Third hostility of the Football League was formed, and Boscombe were promoted to the Southern League, finding temperate success.

Dean Court
Bournemouth and Boscombe athletic F.C.
To make the club more representative of the district, the declare was tainted to Bournemouth and Boscombe athletic F.C. in 1923. During the thesame year, the club was elected to the newly-expanded Football League Third Division. The first league tie in was at Swindon Town upon 25 August 1923, which Bournemouth drifting 31. The first league game at Dean Court was in addition to against Swindon, where Bournemouth gained their first league tapering off after a 00 draw.

Initially, Bournemouth struggled in the Football League but eventually normal themselves as a Third unfriendliness club. Bournemouth remains upon the history as the longest continuous members of the Third Division.

As a league club, Bournemouth had to wait until after the Second World court case in the past winning their first trophy. This was able as they beat Walsall in the Third disaffection (South) cup in the unconditional at Stamford Bridge.

A.F.C. Bournemouth
Under governor John Bond, the club adopted the more streamlined A.F.C. Bournemouth read out in 1972. At the same time, the club adopted a extra badge as a fable of the club’s progress. The stripes in the background were based on the club shirt, though in the foreground is the profile of a artiste heading the ball, in honour of Dickie Dowsett, a prolific scorer for the club in the 1950s and 1960s.
Their red and black kit, introduced in 1971, was based on the A.C. Milan strip. This was the get older of Ted MacDougall, a prolific goalscorer who, in an FA cup tie in November 1971, scored nine goals in an 110 win neighboring Margate.

Late 20th century

Chart of twelve-monthly table positions of Bournemouth in the League.
The club recorded a famous victory over holders Manchester associated in the FA mug in January 1984, even though they were managed by Harry Redknapp.

Redknapp took Bournemouth into the second tier of the English league for the first get older in their archives as Third division champions in 1987. After wealthily surviving in their first season in the Second Division, Bournemouth made a frightful challenge for publicity to the summit flight in the 198889 season; they ultimately fell away after a poor govern late in the season, but their eventual finish of 12th place remained their highest-ever in the Football League until the 201314 season.

On 5 May 1990, the unchangeable hours of daylight of the 198990 season, Leeds joined had the unintended to win the Second division and get publicity into the First separation by beating Bournemouth at Dean Court. Some united fans had already caused badly affect in the town during the hours of daylight and the way of being was frantic as Leeds won the permit by a single goal. collection bearing in mind the results of supplementary matches, this meant that Leeds were promoted while Bournemouth were relegated. The batter and destruction by visitors to Bournemouth continued on top of the holiday weekend, causing more than 1 million worth of damage and slur to opposing fans and police officers. The town’s Daily Echo newspaper reported that “spectators, including many minor children, had to run to safety as grenades were hurled and riot police waded in to rule the crowds.” The issue was raised in Parliament by one of the town’s MPs. Financially, the Leeds upset affected the club for more than a decade, as Bournemouth were prevented by local police from staging home games upon Bank Holidays (traditionally a well-liked daylight for football) until a game adjacent to Shrewsbury Town on 21 April 2003.

Redknapp remained at the club for two more seasons, both of which done like the club falling three points short of the play-offs. However, mounting financial pressures caused him to step down from his perspective at the end of the 199192 season, and he gone rejoined former club West Ham associated as a coach. He was replaced by Tony Pulis, who built a much cheaper squad that could only govern two consecutive 17th-place finishes previously Pulis walked out of the club, blaming financial pressures.

Bournemouth went the first few months of the 199495 season without a enduring bureaucrat in place, and a alarming begin motto them bottom of the table for much of the first half of the season. Despite a juvenile upturn in form past Mel Machin was appointed as manager, they looked intensely unlikely to survive, total that there were five relegation spots in distancing Two for that season due to league reconstruction. However, a late direct of form gather together in the manner of collapses by relegation rivals Cambridge united and Plymouth Argyle saw them survive on the last hours of daylight of the season by two points.

Machin ultimately remained in proceedings for six years, most of which were marked by unremarkable mid-table finishes. The 199899 season proved to be arguably the play up of his tenure, as soon as the club making a earsplitting playoff challenge for most of the season, but ultimately falling short and endowment seventh. However, a fall to 16th area in the 19992000 season followed by a needy begin to the as soon as season saying Machin removed from his slant and answer the role of director of football.

Early 21st century

Former AFC Bournemouth crest
Sean O’Driscoll was promoted from the coaching staff in place of Mel Machin at the begin of the 200001 season. In O’Driscoll’s first season as manager, Bournemouth narrowly missed out on the unfriendliness Two playoffs but were relegated a year forward-looking in the further stadium (in the in advance allowance of the 200102 season, they played their house matches at Dorchester Town’s arena though their own stadium was beast redeveloped). The board kept faith in O’Driscoll and they were rewarded once marketing via the estrangement Three playoffs in 200203. The club became the first to score five goals at the Millennium Stadium later than they inflection Lincoln City 5-2 in the 200203 estrangement Three play-off definite in imitation of goals from Steve Fletcher, Carl Fletcher (2), Stephen Purches and Garreth O’Connor. below O’Driscoll, Bournemouth narrowly missed out on the play-offs for the 200304 and 200405 seasons, and just avoided relegation in the 200506 season.

Long-serving player James Hayter scored the fastest league hat-trick in English Football League archives during the 200304 season. The Cherries were leading 30 adjacent to Wrexham thanks to goals from Stephen Purches, Warren Cummings and Warren Feeney taking into consideration Hayter was brought onto the field as a substitute. once 86 minutes gone, Hayter managed to net three goals in the flavor of two minutes and 17 seconds, making the perfect score 60 to Bournemouth.

In September 2006, when the team in eighth in the League, Sean O’Driscoll left to become proprietor of Doncaster Rovers. He was replaced by Kevin Bond.

Decline and administration (20082009)
In February 2008, Bournemouth were motivated into administration, pain a ten-point deletion which put them in relegation trouble. Bournemouth had debts of in relation to 4 million and approaching went out of issue completely. The off-field uncertainty continued throughout the season, when single-handedly one, ultimately unsuccessful, bid for the club accepted, and the club done the season mammal relegated to League Two.

Ahead of the 200809 season, the team’s cutting edge in the Football League was put into doubt in the manner of the league threatened to block Bournemouth’s participation in League Two, due to problems later the team’s continuing administration and regulate in ownership. It ordered both Bournemouth and Rotherham united to raise a fuss that they could fulfil all of their fixtures and locate a pretentiousness out of administration, eventually allowing the club to compete similar to a 17-point penalty for failing to follow the Football League insolvency rules. The other company was then ordered to pay unsecured creditors the amount offered at the get older of the native CVA (around ten pence in the pound) within two years.

Early into the season, proprietor union was sacked and was replaced by former artist Jimmy Quinn, who would himself leave the club solitary a few months later. Former performer Eddie Howe took over as official gone the club still ten points adrift at the bottom of the league and initially on a caretaker basis, becoming the youngest bureaucrat in the Football League at the age of 31.

At the stop of 2008, it was announced that local businessman Adam Murry had completed the purchase of 50% of the club’s shares from previous chairman, Paul Baker. However, in January 2009, Murry missed the deadline to purchase Baker’s shares.

In the unqualified house game of the 200809 season, the Cherries guaranteed their Football League status by beating Grimsby Town 21 following a winning purpose ten minutes from time by Bournemouth’s Steve Fletcher, sparking wild celebrations after a fairytale ending to “The great Escape.” They finished their troubled season subsequently their best away win in 30 years once a 40 victory at Morecambe.

In June 2009, a consortium including Adam Murry finally took on top of A.F.C. Bournemouth. The consortium included Jeff Mostyn, former vice-chairman Steve Sly, Neill Blake and former Dorchester Town chairman Eddie Mitchell.

Rise to the Premier League (20092015)
Howe’s first full season in battle brought talent as Bournemouth curtains second in League Two to earn marketing subsequent to two games to spare. Howe next left the club for Burnley during the taking into consideration season; his successor, another former Bournemouth player, Lee Bradbury, led Bournemouth to the League One play-offs. The two-legged semi-final adjacent to Huddersfield Town finished 33 after extra time, and Huddersfield went through the resolution by winning the penalty shoot-out 42. Bradbury was unable to lead Bournemouth to other marketing challenge in the 201112 Football League One, placing 11th after a season of indifferent results, and was replaced by puberty team coach Paul Groves for the unconditional games of the season.

Groves remained in lawsuit at the begin of the 201213 season, unaided to be sacked in October 2012 in the same way as a start which left the club close the bottom of the table. Eddie Howe returned as manager, and not lonesome did he tug the club away from their early-season relegation battle, they achieved marketing to the Championship, returning to the second-tier of English football for the first period previously 1990. The club as a consequence revealed a extra club crest. After a promising begin to liveliness in the Championship, the club was handed a fourth round FA mug tie gone Premier League club Liverpool which finished in a 20 loss. Bournemouth curtains their first season urge on in the Championship in tenth place, their highest ever point of view in the Football League.

On 25 October 2014, Bournemouth won 80 away at St. Andrew’s neighboring Birmingham City. It was the first become old that the Cherries had ever scored eight goals in a league game and their largest winning margin in the league (barring a 100 win over Northampton Town in September 1939, which was discounted after the league was single-handedly due to the Second World War). The club followed up this ability past a 21 victory more than Premier League side West Bromwich Albion in the League Cup, reaching the quarter-finals of the competition for the first time. Bournemouth were another time drawn neighboring Liverpool but wandering 31. The club spent most of the 201415 season close the summit of the table, and a 3-0 win away at Charlton athletic on the supreme morning of the season was sufficient to clinch the Championship title and a first-ever promotion to the top flight of English football.

Premier League mature (2015present)
Bournemouth’s first ever game in the summit flight of English football was a 10 overwhelm house to Aston Villa played upon 8 August 2015. in advance on in the 201516 season the team was beset by a number of crippling injuries, including to their captain, Tommy Elphick, and their star striker from the previous season, Callum Wilson, who was injured for the majority of the season. The team struggled for most of the first half of the season until a turning tapering off was reached during a game at Dean Court against Everton in which Junior Stanislas scored a wish in the seventh minute of stoppage period to tie the game. From there, Bournemouth defeated Chelsea and Manchester allied in back-to-back wins. The team eventually finished 16th in the league, securing their Premier League status for other year.

Their second season, despite swine largely tipped to strive second season syndrome, they defied every odds to finish in 9th place. Their squad was largely defined by the intensely publicized loans of Jack Wilshere from Arsenal and Nathan Ak from Chelsea, but furthermore by the strong form of Josh King, who scored 16 goals in 36 appearances, and the 15 million pound shape of Jordon Ibe from Liverpool. A feeble begin to the season saw them in the relegation zone for the first three weeks, but after a 10 victory against West Bromwich Albion, they never over dropped under 16th place in the table. Key points of the season occurred taking into account they soundly defeated Hull City 61 and defeated Liverpool 43, both of which helped their holdover push at the end of the season, bearing in mind they went unbeaten in the last five matches and earned 11 points from 15.

In preparation for the like season, Howe signed Ak permanently for a club-record fee, while Asmir Begovi and Jermain Defoe The season began poorly, taking into account the team losing their first 4 matches. However, a govern of good form through tardy December and January axiom them steer sure the relegation zone, and saying Howe earn his second Premier League manager of the Month award. They won 21 at house next to Arsenal, had a 30 victory at Stamford Bridge next to Chelsea and gained 19 points from losing positions in the second half of the season; a Premier League Record. The team battled atypical form the get out of of the season, but yet managed a 12th-place finish.

The 201819 season motto Howe sign David Brooks, Diego Rico, and Jefferson Lerma during the summer, the latter joining for a club-record fee. Contrasting following the previous season, the club had a mighty start, sitting in 6th area after the first 12 rounds. However, their form regressed for the remainder of the season and the club battles insult problems, taking into consideration Lewis Cook, Simon Francis shelved along with others. Dominic Solanke, Chris Mepham and Nathaniel Clyne every allied the club during the winter, Solanke and Mepham for eternity and Clyne upon loan. In the end, Bournemouth over and done with in 14th place, securing a 5th season in the Premier League.