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Towards the stop of the nineteenth century Brighton grew in importance through membership bearing in mind the Prince of Wales who built the famous Brighton Pavilion and as a seaside retreat for Londoners. In 1898 the town’s first professional link football club, Brighton United, was formed and was elected to the Southern League First Division. joined folded in March 1900 but some of the former members and players formed a extra team which collective later than North end Rangers and was named Brighton & Hove Rangers.

Chris Worrall’s research for HFK indicates that the native Brighton allied wore green and white and that next the supplementary Brighton & Hove Rangers were formed, they adopted black and white stripes. After a season playing kind and cup games, the club dropped “Rangers” from its proclaim and was briefly was known as Brighton & Hove FC previously tally “Albion” rapidly before they united the Southern League Second unfriendliness for the 1901-02 season.

In John Vinnicombe’s book, Albion – An Illustrated chronicles (1978), the author suggests the further state may have been inspired by the relationship that one of the founders, John Jackson, previously had past West Bromwich Albion. Carder & Harris, characterize Albion’s colours in 1901-02 as “fisherman’s blue” in their book, Seagulls – The checking account of Brighton & Hove Albion (1993). Photographs in this cassette suggest these were a anodyne colour and were superceded in 1903 by darker shirts before the aware stripes were adopted in 1904.

Albion were soon promoted to the Southern League First estrangement and moved into the Goldstone showground in Hove, a genteel town adjacent to Brighton itself. In 1904 they adopted the blue and white stripes that have become the club’s trademark but in a distinctly paler shade than worn today.

In 1911 Albion were Southern League champions and after that defeated Aston Villa the champions of the Football League to win the society Shield and were dubbed, locally at least, “Champions of England.” Ten years later, the Southern League First disaffection was absorbed into the Football League and Brighton became founder members of the additional Third Division. It took 38 years for the club to win promotion but in the the stage they earned a reputation as mug giant killers, having beaten Everton, Sheffield united and Chelsea at the Goldstone Ground.

The Football manual of 1934 records the club’s colours as red, white and blue stripes but it has not been possible to corroborate this. Worrall has, however, standard that a local gents’ outfitter sponsored an FA cup be in agreement in 1934 neighboring Bolton and kitted out the Albion players in checkered (probably argyle pattern) stockings. These were met past universal derision by the crowd and never seen another time (until they were reproduced in HFK’s Room 101).

brighton & hove albion crest 1948After the Second World suit the club played in their old-fashioned striped shirts until 1947 subsequent to they switched to royal blue shirts in the same way as white sleeves. Clubs had to collection clothing rations to replace their kits at the grow old and it is doable that they were unable to source their normal tops. The traditional twin crest of Brighton and Hove was adopted as the club badge, appearing upon players’ shirts for the first epoch in 1948. This reappeared several brighton & hove albion crest 1956times in the Fifties and Sixties even if a shield later the club’s initials in calligraphic style was used in 1956-57 and 1958-59.

In 1958, Brighton won the Third disaffection South championship and for the neighboring four seasons they played in distancing Two isolated to drop every the mannerism beside to the Fourth distancing in 1963. A bend of strip had the desired effect in 1964-65 past Albion were disaffection Four champions bearing in mind a remarkable average house entrance of 18,000, proof of the potential brighton & hove albion crest 1968drawing capacity of this south coast club. The twin crests were used for some seasons though a simple monogramme appeared in others taking place until 1972. (The lettering was initially in block capitals but after 1970 a more increase script font was used.)

In 1972 they won promotion to estrangement Two for the second epoch but they were relegated immediately. in the midst of August 1972 and May brighton & hove albion crest 19701977, no crests were worn at all.

In 1973 the club’s ambitious chairman, Mike Bamber, caught the national media’s attention taking into consideration he persuaded Brian Clough and Peter Taylor to bow to over spacious from guiding Derby County to the League championship. Clough moved upon quickly but Taylor stayed to lay the launch of a strong side. In 1974, wearing all-white (a kit worn for a single season four seasons earlier) the club was nicknamed “The Dolphins” (Brighton’s coat-of-arms features the marine mammal) but this say did not stick. A crest was intended like a dolphin but it never appeared on the team’s shirts.

brighton & hove albion crest 1977Prior to a house game when their strongest rivals, Crystal Palace, visiting fans in the Bo’sun pub started a chant of “Eagles! Eagles!” A work of Brighton supporters responded taking into account “Seagulls! Seagulls!” and this hastily became their recognised nickname. That season Alan Mullery took the team assist into division Two and the subsequently year Albion narrowly missed out upon promotion, Spurs taking the honours on endeavor difference. A further badge was introduced, featuring a seagull, which remained their ascribed crest until 1998. At this time, an average of 25,000 fans packed themselves into the Goldstone dome every further Saturday. In 1979, the club was promoted to the First isolation where they would remain brighton & hove albion crest 1980for four seasons.

In 1980 Adidas became the club’s kit supplier and for some reason, the traditional striped shirts were lonely in favour of plain blue. The crest was slightly modified taking into account “The Seagulls” added. In 1983, The Seagulls reached the FA mug resolution and, despite having brighton fc crest 1983been relegated, famously held Manchester allied to a 2-2 charm since crashing 0-4 in the replay.

Serious stop followed and in 1992, Brighton were relegated to the extra Endsleigh division Two, the out of date division Three. This was the season that they adopted striped shorts to accessory their striped shirts, a kit that was universally derided. Worse was to follow: a financial crisis led to the directors selling the Goldstone ground for take forward without a viable different stadium. Relegation followed and supporters mounted a two-year disconcert to oust the board. In 1996 Albion narrowly avoided relegation to the Conference and nearly positive oblivion in their given match. That year supporters created the Clubs in Crisis web site, which successfully mobilised community retain not by yourself for The Seagulls but for additional League clubs faced taking into consideration obliteration because of the suit amongst financial interests brighton fc crest 1998and local supporters.

With a further board in control, a revised badge was introduced to mark a light begin in 1998 but nevertheless the club endured a two-year arena portion union considering Gillingham FC, some 70 miles away in Kent. A stir to return the club to their home town met once limited finishing behind the performing use of the Withdean Stadium was negotiated. even though facilities were far afield from adequate, it did permit the club to reward to Sussex in 1999.

brighton-crest-2000Despite every these problems, Brighton is fortunate in having the mighty hold of the local community, which includes celebrity fans such as Norman Cook, otherwise known as DJ Fat guy Slim, whose company, Skint Records, sponsored the club. In 2000-2001, the club highly praised its centenary and to mark the occasion, the twin crests were revived, this period in full colour and much larger than usual. After storming to successive championships 2001 & 2002, they climbed support to Nationwide separation One brighton fc crest 2004and moved amongst the second and third tiers back then.

The Errea kit of 2004-06 featured lighter blue stripes, a insinuation to the team’s earlier colours: these shirts forsook the normal crest in favour of a centrally placed seagull. The 1998 badge was reinstated in 2006 in the manner of this strip was retired.

Meanwhile the protest to safe a remaining house continued. In September 2007, some seven years after the first application for planning access was submitted, and following 1m spent on authenticated fees, acquit yourself began upon detailed construction plans for Brighton’s new stadium.

brighton & Hove albion 2011For the truth game of the 2007-08 season, the team wore a specially commissioned kit to mark the stop of the club’s ten-year partnership subsequent to Skint Records.

Promoted to the Championship at the end of the 2010-11 season, on July 31 2011, Albion officially opened their brand new home, The American vent Community Stadium, (usually known as the Amex) like a friendly against Spurs. in the same way as once again a special kit was worn for the occasion and a further crest unveiled. This revived the well-liked round badge from the Seventies but subsequent to the gull above ground in the opposite direction. The regular strips adopted that season reinstated 2″ striped shirts bearing in mind blue shorts subsequent to pass gold trim to emphasise the occasion.

The club made a reduction of open visiting supporters, lighting the broad concourses in their team’s colours, importing local beers and initiation stirring the bars after the approve in view of that supporters could mingle. afterward average attendances of 25,500 in 2012-13, faculty was increased to 30,000 in January and the team over and done with in the play-offs regularly beyond the later than seasons.

After a 34-year absence, Brighton won automatic publicity to the summit tier in 2017, missing out upon the title to Newcastle upon the last daylight of the season.

What are Brightons nine most best kits of every time? Thats the question we recently had posed to us by the fine guys at Art of Football.

Art of Football are dynamic on a range of designs for every Premier League and Championship club based on unchanging kits and wanted our information upon the Albions best efforts from the with 118 years.

This is actually a lot harder than it sounds. Brighton have had large quantity of kits the length of the years that arrive below the classic banner for a variety of reasons.

Some are intricately combined in imitation of successful times, once the 1977-80 home shirt which Alan Mullerys men wore on their rise from third tier to summit flight.

Some have become classics similar to the passageway of time but were much derided like they were actually worn, such as the Chewitt wrapper away kit. And others were just cool, with the first Skint shirts for the recompense to Withdean.

Bukta Seagull Sleeve Kit
The shirt of Peter Ward, Brian Horton and Mark Lawrenson. It was introduced during Mullerys tenure in 1977 in imitation of the Albion were an ambitious club who had just won marketing from distancing Three and three years progressive it bowed out once the club sitting lovely in 16th face in the summit flight.

It was the first Brighton kit to complement the seagull badge and the sleeve design still looks astonishing 40 years on. The club have re-released this shirt on a number of occasions and it always sells well, highlighting its long-lasting popularity.

The ocher away kit that went bearing in mind it was approximately as iconic, especially unchangeable the fact it was worn upon the answer hours of daylight of the 1978-79 season taking into account Brighton won 3-1 away at Newcastle allied to safe marketing to the top isolation for the first become old ever.

That we havent had room to insert that one on the list tells you whatever just about just how bloody difficult pointed it alongside to nine was.

FA mug perfect Kit
Given that Brighton have worn blue and white stripes for 99 of the 118 years that the club have existed, its a tiny unfamiliar that the Albions most well-known day came even if wearing every blue.

Were talking of course virtually the 1983 FA mug Final, taking into account Jimmy Melias side took the might of Manchester joined to a replay under the twin towers of Wembley. They might have even lifted the trophy were it not for the legs of Gry Bailey in the joined goal.

This kit was synonymous afterward that cup run. From beating Manchester City 4-0 in round four to Jimmy Cases thunderbolt at Liverpool as the Albion became the first side to win a mug tie at Anfield for nine years.

Every kit that Adidas made during their six season partnership in imitation of Brighton were beautiful, which is why many Seagulls supporters wish that if we are going to have one of the worlds biggest brands as profound supplier, it was the German brand rather than Nike.

We could have picked anyone of Adidas three home kits as the 1985-87 shirt in particular was next a classic, not to suggestion the red away explanation of it which is a real collectors item. But because of that day at Wembley and the affectionate memories it still stirs in Albion fans, it had to be the FA cup kit.

Brighton and Hove Albion’s 1983 FA cup answer kit

Chewitt Wrapper Kit
A staple in any worst kits in football history list, the Chewitt Wrapper Kit has following onto attain cult status greater than the last few years as garish designs from the in advance 90s are finally receiving the reaction they deserve. As a result, this particular shirt sells for huge child maintenance on eBay on the rare instances it crops going on for sale.

Worn taking into account matching shorts, it was paired next the nearly-as-famous house kit which featured blue and white striped shorts. Somebody in the Ribero design team must have been taking some enormous biting similar to they came taking place like those designs.

The Chewitt Wrapper was sadly lonesome used for two seasons, but it did at least get a big hours of daylight out for its debut in the 1991 play-act off pure adjacent to Notts County.

There havent been many more Brighton moments in the Albions records than the team strolling out at Wembley in a pink kit that looked later a lovely wrapper and had NOBO plastered across the front in big letters.

Brighton and Hove Albion’s Chewitt Wrapper kit

Inter Milan Kit
The football world was amazed taking into account lowly separation Two side Brighton appointed Liam Brady, one of the greatest players of his generation, as bureaucrat midway through the 1993-94 season.

Not lonesome had the Albion pulled off quite a coup in their replacement of Barry Lloyd, but Bradys introduction was along with liable for one of the clubs best ever kits.

In honour of Bradys associates following Inter Milan, Admiral brought out a blue and black striped away number. The practicalities of having a blue away kit and a blue home kit became readily apparent past the Albion travelled to blue-wearing Wycombe Wanderers in the fouth game of the season and had to wear a brusquely produced third kit of red.

As a outcome of nine supplementary hostility Two teams including Wycombe wearing blue in the 1994-95 season, the Inter Milan kit was isolated used upon two occasions we think away at Swansea upon the launch hours of daylight and in the annual obliterate at Brentford. But despite its pretty pointless existence, it remains a classic.

Brighton and Hove Albion’s Inter Milan away kit

Last Goldstone Shirt
This was the shirt worn through some of the darkest moments in the Albions history. Relegation into the bottom division, the sale of the Goldstone and feat 91st out of 92 in the Football League.

But it was moreover there for the most important days as well. Without Robbie Reinelts goal at Hereford joined or Stuart Storers volley neighboring Doncaster Rovers in the unquestionable game at the Goldstone, we probably wouldnt have a football club to support.

This shirt is intwined considering those moments. If you ever listen someone yell STOOOORRRRRREEERRRRRR STUART STOOOOORRRERRRRR, you think of it. picture Reinelt slamming in the wandering ball at Hereford and its there too. Thats what makes it a classic.

Brighton and Hove Albion’s last ever Goldstone field kit

First Withdean home Shirt
The 1999-00 season was culmination Brighton kit. subsequently was 1998-99s chunky blue and white effort made by Superleague and sponsored by an Italian restaurant and in came the coolest kit ever made in the same way as Italian sophistication and design and gone an international lp label upon the front extremely aptly called Skint, final the Albions financial troubles at the time.

Anyone who doesnt think that Errea were the best kit supplier Brighton has ever had is either a liar or a philistine. And this was the best season of their 14 year link behind the club.

Darren Freemans hat-trick in the first game encourage in Brighton after exile in Gillingham, the rise of Bobby Zamora and Micky Adams turning the club into a force on the pitch after appropriately many years in the doldrums all happened in this lovely number.

Supporting Brighton was sharply chilly again, on the ring and in the fashion stakes.

Brighton and Hove Albion’s first ever house shirt made by Errea

AC Milan Away Kit
Even enlarged than Erreas first home kit was their first away effort, a replica of AC Milans well-known red and black stripes.

Such was its popularity that it lasted three seasons and the club have had two subsequent red and black away shirts in the 17 years since it was replaced by that black Batman monstrosity.

There isnt in fact much to say, further than this is Brightons best kit ever for our money.

Brighton and Hove Albion’s AC Milan away kit

Last Withdean shirt
The Albion marked their last year at Withdean by bringing out a one-season shirt for 2010-11. It was a hark help to those glory days of the forward 1980s by beast largely blue subsequent to isolated a few skinny white stripes upon it.

The somewhat enlightened regulate in design was of the reasons behind its popularity. The extra was that it will at all times be united once one of the most agreeable seasons many of us will ever have as Brighton fans as Gus Poyets side tore through League One, winning the title as soon as four games to spare and playing some breathtaking football along the way.

The last home shirt for Brighton’s resolved season at Withdean

The first Amex kit
14 long years after neglect the Goldstone, Brighton finally had a house to call their own at the start of the 2011-12 season as the club moved into the Amex.

Errea taking into consideration anew delivered the goods, producing two kits that were going on their subsequent to their totally best efforts to leave the Albion looking nearly as fabulous as their other stadium.

The green and black away kit was shining and bold and we loved it, although it admittedly wasnt to everyones liking. The home shirt however was an instant hit, even in the past Will Buckley wrote his pronounce into Albion folklore with that 96th minute winner against Doncaster Rovers.

It says much that Nike have twice tried to eke the design of blue and white stripes later than a subtle bit of yellow, nevertheless theyve never come near to making it accomplish in the same way that Errea did.

Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, commonly referred to as helpfully Brighton, is an English professional football club based in the city of Brighton. They compete in the Premier League, the top tier of the English football league system. The club’s home ground is the 30,750-capacity Falmer Stadium, situated in Falmer to the north east of the city.

Founded in 1901, and nicknamed the “Seagulls” or “Albion”, Brighton played their yet to be professional football in the Southern League, since living thing elected to the Football League in 1920. The club enjoyed greatest inflection with 1979 and 1983 similar to they played in the First distancing and reached the 1983 FA mug Final, losing to Manchester associated after a replay. They were relegated from the First separation in the thesame season.

By the tardy 1990s, Brighton was in the fourth tier of English football and were having financial difficulties. After narrowly avoiding relegation from the Football League to the Conference in 1997, a boardroom invasion saved the club from liquidation. Successive promotions in 2001 and 2002 brought Brighton assist to the second tier, and in 2011, the club moved into the Falmer Stadium after 14 years without a unshakable house ground. In the 201617 season, Brighton finished second in the EFL Championship and were for that reason promoted to the Premier League, ending a 34-year non-attendance from the summit flight.

Formation and to the fore years (19011972)
Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. were founded in 1901 and 19 years later, in 1920, they were elected to the Football League’s other Third estrangement having previously been members of the Southern League. In the Southern League they won their abandoned national honour to date, the FA intervention Shield, which at that epoch was contested by the champions of the Southern League, and the Football League, by defeating Football League Champions Aston Villa in 1910.
Mike Bamber years (19721987)
Mike Bamber was the chairman of Brighton from October 1972 until 1983. He famously brought Brian Clough to the club in 1973 and far ahead appointed former England player Alan Mullery as manager. Brighton’s computer graphics as a Football League club had brought tiny in the exaggeration of achievement and headlines until 1979, when, under Mullery’s management, they were promoted to the First hostility as Second separation runners-up. The 1982/83 season saying a wildly out of the ordinary begin for the club, in the same way as victories more than Arsenal and Manchester associated poisoned in afterward muggy defeats. official Mike Bailey eventually purposeless his job at the begin of December 1982. Jimmy Melia took higher than as manager, but was unable to twist the situation a propos and Brighton, after four seasons in the summit flight, were relegated in 1983, completion in last place.

Despite their relegation, that season Brighton reached their first (and unaccompanied to date) FA cup unqualified and drew 22 like Manchester associated in the first match. Brighton’s goals were scored by Gordon Smith and Gary Stevens. The unmovable featured an infamous “miss” by Gordon Smith taking into consideration approximately the last kick of the game in additional time, prompting the BBC newscaster Peter Jones to hopeless the renowned phrase “…and Smith must score”. However, Smith’s kick was saved by the Manchester allied goalkeeper, Gary Bailey. In the replay, Manchester associated won 40.

Brief revival, relegation and last years at the Goldstone (19871997)
After four seasons, relegation to disaffection Three came in 1987, but the Albion bounced back up the adjacent season. In 1991 they lost the play-off supreme at Wembley to Notts County 31, deserted to be relegated the next-door season to the newly named division Two. In 1996 other relegation came to disaffection Three. The club’s financial issue was becoming increasingly precarious, and the club’s directors decided that the Goldstone arena would have to be sold to pay off some of the club’s big debts. governor Jimmy deed was sacked after a utterly needy begin to the 199697 season saying Brighton high and dry at the bottom of the league by a considerable margin. The club’s directors appointed a relative undistinguished in Steve Gritt, the former joint supervisor of Charlton Athletic. Brighton’s league form steadily better under Gritt, although their improving chances of relic were put under extra threat by a two-point subtraction imposed as punishment for a sports ground antagonism by fans who were protesting next to the sale of the Goldstone ground. A lifelong lover named Dick Knight took control of the club in 1997 having led the fan pressure to oust the previous board past their sale of the club’s Goldstone auditorium to property developers.

By the last daylight of the season, after subconscious 13 points adrift at one stage, they were off the bottom of the table and had to fake the team directly under them, Hereford united the game was in their hands. If Brighton won or drew, they would be safe. Brighton defender Kerry Mayo scored an own mean in the first half and it looked as while their 77-year league career was over. But a tardy mean from Robbie Reinelt ensured that Brighton retained their league status upon goals scored (despite Hereford having a enlarged set sights on difference as, in the Football League at the time, goals scored took precedence), and Hereford’s 25-year league control was on the other hand over.

Ups and Downs and takeover (19972011)
The sale of the Goldstone pitch went through in 1997, leading to Brighton having to doing some 70 miles away at Gillingham’s Priestfield stadium for two seasons. Micky Adams was appointed Brighton’s officer in 1999. For the start of the 19992000 season the Seagulls secured a lease to work house games at Withdean Stadium, a converted athletics track in Brighton owned by the local council. 200001 was Brighton’s first successful season for 13 years. They were crowned champions of separation Three and promoted to isolation Two. Adams left in October 2001 to do something as Dave Bassett’s partner in crime at Leicester, beast replaced by former Leicester bureaucrat Peter Taylor. The transition proved to be a gain dwindling for Brighton, who maintained their good form and finished the season as estrangement Two champions winning a second successive promotion. Just five years after around succumbing to the double threat of losing their Football League status and going out of thing completely, Brighton were one hostility away from the Premier League.

In May 2009, Knight was replaced as chairman at Brighton by Tony Bloom, who successfully secured 93 million funding for the additional Falmer Stadium and 75% shareholding at the club.

Brighton’s unquestionable season at Withdean was 201011, in which they won League One under the admin of Gus Poyet. The once season, Brighton misrepresented their crest to a design thesame to the crest used from the 1970s to the 1990s. This was to reflect on the club returning home after not having a stadium in the past 1997.

Move to further stadium and promotion below Hughton (20112017)
The Falmer Stadium hosted its first league say yes upon the start morning of the 201112 season adjoining Doncaster Rovers, who were the last challenger to enactment at the Goldstone in 1997. The game the end 21 to Albion. The 201213 season saying Brighton finish 4th and lose in the play-off semi-finals to Crystal Palace. Poyet was suspended as officer behind controversial explanation made in his post-match interview, and was well along sacked as proprietor and replaced by Oscar Garcia.

On the complete day of the 201314 season, Brighton prominence Nottingham plant 21 taking into account a last minute winner from Leonardo Ulloa to safe a 6th-place finish. After losing to Derby County in the play-offs semi-finals, Garca resigned. Ex-Liverpool defender Sami Hyypi was appointed overseer for the 201415 season but resigned after four months and was replaced by former Norwich supervisor Chris Hughton. In the following campaign Brighton went on a 22-game unbeaten manage from the establishment day to 19 December like they purposeless 30 at home to Middlesbrough. on the unchangeable morning of the season Brighton travelled to Middlesbrough and needed to win to secure marketing to the Premier League, but a 11 attraction expected 3rd and a play-off place, where defeat to Sheffield Wednesday was Brighton’s third playoff semi-final defeat in four seasons.

Brighton started 201617 later than an 18-match unbeaten run, taking them to the top of the league for much of December and January. They remained in the automatic promotion positions for most of the flaming of the season, and clinched publicity to the Premier League after a 21 win against Wigan gymnastic at house on 17 April 2017. They broke their transfer baby book multipart era throughout the summer window, in the manner of the previous club tape signing of Jose Izquierdo commanding a move ahead reported to be higher than 13 million.

Back in the summit flight (2017present)
Brighton’s first season put up to in the Premier League was largely successful, in the manner of the club rising into the summit half several era in the season. Despite falling to one dwindling above the relegation zone in January, victories beyond Arsenal and Manchester joined in the answer months of the stir helped safe a finish of 15th.

Brightons second season in the Premier League was inconsistent. Despite a promising start, the team had a disastrous second half of the season, achieving just 3 wins in their last 18 games. In the FA Cup, Brighton reached the semi-finals for the first mature before 1983, losing 1-0 to Manchester City. Albion ultimately survived relegation like a 17th place finish, but Hughton was sacked gone the end of the season due to the needy direct of results.

Following Hughton’s sacking, Swansea proprietor Graham Potter was appointed as the additional officer upon a four year contract.

Goldstone ground (19021997)
For 95 years Brighton and Hove Albion were based at the Goldstone auditorium in Hove, until the board of directors fixed to sell the stadium. The sale, implemented by majority shareholder tally Archer and his chief running David Bellotti, proved controversial, and the touch goaded widespread protests neighboring the board. The club expected little if any maintenance from this sale.

In their last season at the Goldstone, 199697, the Seagulls were in danger of relegation from the Football League. They won their perfect game at the Goldstone neighboring Doncaster Rovers, character going on a winner-takes-all relegation game at Hereford United, who were level on points subsequently the Seagulls. Brighton drew 11, and Hereford were relegated to the Football Conference upon goals scored.

Withdean Stadium

Withdean Stadium, Brighton’s house from 1999 to 2011
For two years, from 1997 to 1999, the club shared Priestfield Stadium, the arena of Gillingham, since returning to Brighton to acquit yourself at Withdean Stadium. This is not predominantly a football ground, having been used for athletics throughout most of its history, and before as a zoo.

Because of the cost of the public enquiry into planning right of entry for a further stadium, rent upon Withdean Stadium, fees paid to use Gillingham’s Priestfield Stadium, and a general government deficit due to the low ticket sales inherent behind a small ground, the club had an accumulated deficit of 9.5 million in 2004. The board of directors paid 7 million of this; the new 2.5 million had to be raised from the operations of the club. In an effort to attain this, a fund-raising charm known as the rouse and Kicking Fund was started, in the manner of all from nude Christmas Cards featuring the players to a photograph album single physical released to raise cash. on 9 January 2005 this fund-raising single ‘Tom Hark’ went straight in at number 17 in the UK chart, achievement it national airplay on BBC Radio 1.

Falmer Stadium

Brighton fans at Falmer Stadium during the first league game at the stadium next to Doncaster Rovers
On 28 October 2005 the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister announced that the application for Falmer had been successful, much to the joy and support of every the fans. Lewes District Council contested John Prescott’s decision to implement planning access for Falmer, forcing a judicial review. This was based on a pubertal error in Prescott’s indigenous give enthusiastic approval to which neglected to welcome that some car parking for the stadium is in the Lewes district as opposed to the Brighton & Hove unitary authority. This caused extra delay. later than the judicial review ruled in favour of the stadium, Lewes District Council said that it would not opening any other appeals.

Building of Falmer Stadium started in December 2008. on 31 May 2011 the club officially completed the handover and was truth the keys to the stadium next an initial gift of 22,374 seats, signifying the stop of 12 years without a home. During January 2012, the club submitted an application to Brighton and Hove City council to layer the stadium talent by a further 8,000 seats as skillfully as to increase further corporate boxes, new television services and a luxury suite. This was decided unanimously by Brighton & Hove City Council’s planning committee upon 25 April 2012. The stadium was after that expanded to 27,250 for the start of the 201213 season and subsequently additional to 27,750 during December 2012 since reaching 30,750 during May 2013.