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CRYSTAL PALACE Football Shirts

CRYSTAL PALACE Football Shirts
CRYSTAL PALACE Football Shirts

The indigenous Crystal Palace FC was formed in 1861 and took allowance in the first FA cup competition in 1871. They did not compete after 1876 and it must be assumed that they closed down. There is no link subsequent to the present-day club which was founded in 1905.

FA cup finals were staged at the Crystal Palace in South London a unique football venue set in extensive parkland, amongst 1895 and 1914. The Crystal Palace was an huge glass and cast iron structure built in Hyde Park for Prince Albert’s great Exhibition in 1851 and represented Victorian engineering at its finest. next the exhibition closed, the palace was dismantled and rebuilt in South London where it formed the centrepiece of the world’s first entertainment theme park, surrounded by landscaped garden, lakes, spectacular fountains and definite dinosaurs.

The campaigner Crystal Palace football club was formed by workers who maintained the grounds and played their home games in this magnificent setting. The club’s minute folder history that at a committee meeting held on 5 July 1905 “it was unadulterated that the club colours would be Cardinal and Blue jerseys and white knickers.Extensive research by Steve Martyniuk has traditional that “cardinal” was consistently used in all certified documents until 1937.

The club associated the Southern League and became founder members of the new Third Division, winning the title at the first attempt. After four difficult years in isolation Two, Palace dropped encourage into division Three crystal palace crest 1935(South) in 1925 and remained there for the neighboring 33 years. Their 1925 and 1935-37 kits, incidentally, featured weak stockings subsequently dark tops, a pattern that did not on the other hand appear until the mid-1950s.

The first recorded evidence of the team wearing a crest was in the 1935-36 season, later the club’s initials were embroidered onto their shirts.

For 1937-38 striped shirts were introduced for the first get older and come to an understanding programmes described these as “red and blue.”

crystal palace crest 1955The past season plain white shirts were adopted in an attempt to fiddle with Palace’s fortunes but to no avail.

The first claret and blue shirts were introduced in 1949 and used until 1955 gone white shirts as soon as claret and blue trim appeared. These featured a other crest representing the renowned facade of the indigenous Crystal Palace and were worn until 1964.

In 1958 Palace were in the additional Fourth estrangement gone little prospect of success. Clad in a distinctive white shirt in the manner of claret and blue bands, Palace won marketing in 1961. Towards the end of the 1963-64 season, they switched to playing in their “lucky” amber modify kit for home games: this seemed to reach the trick

In April 1962 Palace played real Madrid in a kind to celebrate the installation of their other floodlights. The all-white strips worn on top of the bordering few seasons (as second or first choice) are often thought to be a rave review to the European Champions.

The 1962-64 seasons are rather confusing. The team started 1962-63 in the strip from the previous season (*white shirts claret/blue/claret bands, black shorts) in the past switching to *white shirts following claret and blue trim and claret shorts (the shirts inborn a survival from 1955-59. Sometime yet to be in 1963-64 royal blue shorts and long crystal palace crest 1964sleeved shirts were adopted. future upon they played in all-white and towards the stop of the season they switched to their “lucky” amber fiddle with tops. This seemed to pull off the trick as they won publicity to hostility Two.

crystal palace crest 1960sIn 1964 Palace adopted an all white kit adorned behind a easy crest in red, white and blue. The qualified crest continued to be a sketch of the original Crystal Palace but this did not appear on the team shirts.

Claret and blue was reintroduced in 1966; initially the shirts were blithe blue behind claret candy stripes (similar to their fiddle with strip worn four uears earlier) but the colours were reversed in 1967. This adoringly remembered strip crystal palace crest 1967featured the club’s say embroidered in full in gold script, making for an handsome contrast.

In 1969, Palace were promoted like once again and took their place in estrangement One for the first time. comprehensibly out of their height and in the manner of limited financial resources, Palace managed to stave off relegation for four years past they went into free-fall and dropped straight beside into the Third Division. In 1971 substitute favourite strip was introduced, basically every white gone expansive claret and lighthearted blue panels on the chest. The first financial credit crystal palace crest 1972bore the gold embroidered script but with a new version was introduced in 1972, subsequently a narrow white stripe separating the claret and blue, this was replaced by a circular badge in modernist style. Included in the design was the team’s standard nickname, “The Glaziers.”

crystal palace crest 1973The flamboyent Malcolm Allison was brought in as governor in tardy 1973 and even though he could not keep the club in the Second Division, he did transform them, laying the foundations for innovative success. Out went the outdated badge and nickname to be replaced by the more dramatic “Eagles.” The time-honored claret and vivacious blue colours were ditched in favour of red and blue. To accumulate to what would now be called a re-branding exercise, numbers were worn upon shirt sleeves in 1973-74 and the taking into consideration season the other badge adorned the sleeves instead.

After narrowly missing marketing three times, Allison called it a daylight and Terry Venables took greater than as manager. Venables steered Palace all the pretension help into the First disaffection behind a side dubbed “the Team of the Eighties.” They futile to alive up to this reputation and were relegated in 1981 after forlorn two seasons at the top. Venables left the club in his normal controversial circumstances and Palace, now roughly speaking bankrupt, descended into chaos.

crystal palace crest 1987The club’s saviour turned out to be Steve Coppell, recently retired as a player and appointed to his first managerial job in 1984, a job he retained until 1993. Coppell brought stability and proved to be an outstanding consider of teen talent. Many of the teenagers he signed for a pittance were sold on for multi-million pound transfer fees, bringing much needed revenue to the club. behind Coppell in charge, Palace adopted a revised crest in 1987 and returned to the First unfriendliness in 1989. The when year they reached the FA mug unchangeable for the first time. A year later, Palace the end third at the back Arsenal and Liverpool. In 1992, however, the club was relegated and Coppell resigned. The club moved with the two summit divisions as soon as bewildering regularity, sporting a a series of eye catching and original kits, not all of which have met gone give enthusiastic approval to from fans. Their 2003-04 kit was, for example dubbed the “Ronald MacDonald” kit because of the hooped sleeves.

crystal palace crest 2006In 2005, the club’s centenary year, a special kit, chosen by supporters and modeled on the eternal 1971 checking account was worn in a pre-season kind and two home league games. In 2006 the crest was over revised, combining the indigenous eagle and football design from 1973 taking into consideration the Crystal Palace motif from 1987.

In 2009-10, the club was placed in administration for the second times after the chairman, Simon Jordan unsuccessful to attract extra investment, HMRC took out a winding going on order greater than unpaid taxes and the players were paid late upon two occasions. The ten reduction penalty crystal palace crest 2013took the team from a comfortable mid-table tilt in the Championship to just above the relegation zone but they retained their area upon the last daylight of the season. A consortium of wealthy supporters, CPFC 2010, bought both the freehold upon the showground and the club itself during the near season to ensure their survival.

Palace’s fortunes bigger and in 2013, they reached the Championship play-off unmovable where they prominence Watford when a penalty in further time. Furthermore, a additional crest was expected after an extensive exercise of enthusiast consultation and crowd-sourcing, to be worn from the start of the 2013-14 season in the Premier League.

Palace reached the FA cup definite in 2015-16 and took the guide in the 79th minute isolated for Manchester joined to equalise moments later. allied scored anew in additional era to deny Palace the trophy.

Crystal Palace Football Club is a professional football club based in Selhurst, South London, England. They currently compete in the Premier League, the highest level of English football. The club behave their home matches at Selhurst Park.

The club’s historic origins can be traced as far and wide back as 1854, afterward the famous Crystal Palace Exhibition building had been relocated from Hyde Park, London and rebuilt in an place of South London next-door to Sydenham Hill. This place was renamed Crystal Palace which included the Crystal Palace Park that surrounded the site where various sports facilities were built. It was here that the obsolete known Crystal Palace team first played as an amateur outfit in 1861. They competed in the first ever FA cup competition in 187172, reaching the semi-finals where they floating to the Royal Engineers. In 1895, the Crystal Palace Company who owned the Palace building began hosting the FA mug fixed idea inside its grounds. It was ten years well along that the owners decided to form a extra professional Palace club to perform at the cup unmovable venue. They stayed here until 1915, considering the club were provoked to depart due to the outbreak of the First World War. In 1924, they moved to their current home at Selhurst Park.

Palace allied the Football League in 1920, and have overall spent the majority of their league records competing in the summit two tiers of English football. past 1964, they have only dropped below the second tier once, for three seasons amongst 1974 and 1977. The club’s highest ever league finish to date is third area in the obsolete First Division, now known as the Premier League, achieved in the 199091 season. Palace were denied a area in Europe at the stop of that season without help because of the partial UEFA ban upon English clubs at that become old when the Heysel Stadium disaster. The club became one of the original founding members of the Premier League. Palace have also been FA cup finalists twice, losing to Manchester allied on both occasions in 1990 and 2016.

The club’s acknowledged kit colours were originally claret and blue, but in 1973 they established to amend to the red and blue vertical stripes now worn today. Palace have a fierce rivalry following Brighton & Hove Albion, afterward whom they contest the M23 derby and as well as allowance rivalries like fellow South London clubs Millwall and Charlton Athletic.

Historic origins: The well-known Exhibition Palace and playing at the FA cup fixed venue (18541920)
In 1854, the famous Crystal Palace Exhibition building had been relocated from Hyde Park, London and rebuilt in an area of South London next-door to Sydenham Hill. This place was renamed Crystal Palace which included the Crystal Palace Park that surrounded the site where various sports facilities were built. The native Crystal Palace team were an amateur activity who first played here in 1861. They competed in the first ever FA mug competition in 187172, reaching the semi-finals where they aimless to the Royal Engineers previously disappearing from historical chronicles after a 03 extinguish to Wanderers in the second round of the 187576 FA Cup. In 1895, the Football attachment found a supplementary long-lasting venue for the FA mug unqualified at the sports stadium situated inside the historic Palace grounds. Some years highly developed the owners, who were reliant on tourist bustle for their income, sought open attractions for the venue, and decided to form their own professional football team to appear in at the stadium. The owners wanted a club to enactment there and tap into the big crowd potential of the area. Although the Football attachment disliked the idea of the owners of the cup conclusive venue next possessing their own football team and initially rejected their proposal, a separate company was acknowledged to form and own the club.

Crystal Palace Football Club, originally nicknamed “The Glaziers”, were founded upon 10 September 1905 under the instruction of Aston Villa accomplice secretary Edmund Goodman. The club applied to enter the Football League next to unconventional newly formed London club Chelsea. regrettably for Palace, it was Chelsea that were fashionable and the club found itself in the Southern League Second distancing for the 190506 season. The club was successful in its inaugural season and were promoted to the First Division, crowned as champions. Palace also played in the mid-week united Counties League, carrying out runners-up to Watford, and it was in this competition that the club played their first match, winning 30 away to extra Brompton.

Palace remained in the Southern League up until 1914, their one emphasize the 1907 wonder First circular victory beyond Newcastle associated in the FA Cup. The outbreak of the First World achievement led to the Admiralty requisitioning the Crystal Palace and its grounds, which designed the club was provoked to depart and they moved to the house of West Norwood F.C. at Herne Hill Velodrome. Three years complex they moved over to the Nest due to the folding of Croydon Common F.C..

Into the Football League: prematurely feat and Wartime champions (192058)
The club became founder members of the supplementary Football League Third estrangement in the 192021 season, attainment as champions and gaining marketing to the Second Division. This skill designed they joined Preston North End, little Heath, Liverpool and Bury as the deserted clubs to win a championship in their first season as a league club. Palace after that moved to the purpose-built stadium Selhurst Park in 1924, which is the ground the club still plays at today.

The introduction fixture at Selhurst Park was neighboring Sheffield Wednesday, with Palace losing 01 in front of a crowd of 25,000. completion in twenty-first position, the club was relegated to the Third division South. back the Second World accomplishment Palace made good efforts at promotion, never exploit uncovered the top half of the table and achievement second on three occasions. During the achievement years, the Football League was suspended, and the club won two Wartime Leagues. After the war, Palace were less well-off in the league, their highest approach instinctive seventh, and conversely on three occasions the club had to apply for re-election.

The Sixties: Historic real Madrid visit and promotion to the summit flight (195873)

Alfredo Di Stfano, who played for real Madrid adjoining Palace in 1962. The Croydon Advertiser reported that his “move that led to Madrid’s fourth aspiration was conducted past effortless ease at walking pace.”

The club remained in estrangement Three South until 195758 when the league was restructured which maxim clubs in the bottom half of the table mingle like those in the bottom half of estrangement Three North to form a new Fourth Division. Palace the end fourteenth just below the cut and found itself in the basement of English football. Their stay was on your own brief. Palace chairman Arthur Wait appointed the ex-Tottenham officer Arthur Rowe in April 1960, and his looking for excitement style of football was a joy to watch for the Palace fans. The 196061 season saying Palace get publicity and they moreover achieved distinction in 1962 with they played the great real Madrid team of that period in an historic friendly match. This was the first era that the Spanish giants had ever played a permit in London and was solitary two weeks back they were due to statute Benfica in the European cup final. A full strength Madrid team prominence Palace 43. Although Rowe resigned due to health reasons towards the stop of 1962, the promotion proved a turning lessening in the club’s history. Dick Graham and after that Bert Head guided the club to successive promotions in 196364 and 196869, taking the club through the Second disaffection and into the heights of the First Division.

Palace stayed in the top flight from 1969 until 1973, and achieved some memorable results, arguably the best was a 50 home win against Manchester associated in the 197273 season. Arthur Wait stepped alongside as chairman during that season and was replaced by Raymond Bloye who appointed Malcolm Allison as superintendent in March 1973, subsequent to Bert Head disturbing upstairs to become general manager. regrettably the managerial change came too late to keep the club from relegation incite to the Second Division.

Bouncing with the divisions (197384)
After the disappointment of relegation, worse was to follow for the club. under the government of Allison, Palace were snappishly relegated again finding itself put up to in hostility Three for the 197475 season. It was in addition to below Allison that the club misrepresented its nickname from “The Glaziers” to “The Eagles”, and ended its membership like claret and blue kit colours by deciding to change to the red and blue vertical stripes worn today. Palace enjoyed a rule to the semi-finals of the 197576 FA Cup, beating Leeds and Chelsea along the way. Allison resigned at the stop of the 197576 stir up opinion after failing to acquire the club out of the third tier, and it was under Terry Venables’ government that Palace were promoted put up to to the summit flight in the manner of successive promotions in 197677 and 197879; the latter maxim the club crowned as disaffection Two champions.

That team from 1979 was dubbed “The Team of the Eighties”, and were briefly top of the collection Football League in the before allowance of the 197980 season. However financial difficulties suffered by the club caused the break-up of that competent group of players, and this ultimately led to the club swine unable to preserve its outlook in the top flight. Palace were relegated from the First estrangement in 198081, coinciding gone Ron Noades’ seizure of the club. They struggled support in the second tier, and Noades even appointed the ex-Brighton officer Alan Mullery, which was very unpopular following the Palace fans.

Steve Coppell years: FA mug finalists and League title challengers (198493)
On 4 June 1984, former Manchester allied and England player Steve Coppell who had recently retired from the game due to slight was appointed as manager, and it was below his stewardship and rebuilding that the club achieved publicity via the play-offs assist to the First isolation in 198889. Palace followed this happening by reaching the 1990 FA cup Final, drawing 33 taking into account Manchester associated after extra-time in the first come to an understanding but losing the replay 01. The club were adept to build upon this realization and the 199091 season saw them accomplish their highest ever league finish of third area in the summit flight. Palace were to be denied a European place at the end of that season because of the partial UEFA ban upon English clubs with the Heysel Stadium disaster. The club moreover returned to Wembley and won the Full Members Cup. Palace inflection Everton 41 after extra-time in the final. During the considering season star striker Ian Wright left the club to member Arsenal. Palace over and done with tenth, allowing the club to become a founding aficionado of the FA Premier League in 199293.

Photograph of a stand bordering to a road.
Holmesdale Road stand at Selhurst Park, constructed in 199495.
The club sold Mark shiny to Sheffield Wednesday, but failed to rebuild the squad adequately, and Palace struggled for consistency throughout the season. The club found itself relegated considering a total of 49 points, which is yet a Premier League wedding album for the highest number of points for a relegated club. Coppell resigned and Alan Smith, his partner in crime at the club, took over.

The yo-yo years (199398)
Alan Smith’s first season as executive saw the club win the First separation title and get publicity support to the Premier League. Their stay upon this occasion proved eventful. upon 25 January 1995, Palace played Manchester allied at Selhurst Park in which Eric Cantona was sent off. He was taunted by Palace fan Matthew Simmons, and retaliated next a on high kick. Cantona was sentenced to two weeks in jail, abbreviated to 120 hours community further on appeal. Simmons was unexpectedly banned from Selhurst Park, and found guilty on two charges of threatening Cantona. More was to follow in March, gone Chris Armstrong was suspended by the FA for failing a drugs test. upon the field, Smith guided the club to the semi-finals of both the FA mug and the League Cup, but league form was unusual and Palace bearing in mind over found themselves relegated, execution fourth from bottom as the Premier League edited from 22 to 20 clubs.

Smith left the club and Steve Coppell returned as rarefied director in the summer of 1995, and through a interest of the first-team coaching of Ray Lewington and latterly Dave Bassett’s managership Palace reached the play-offs. Palace wandering the 1996 play-off unquestionable in dramatic fashion next Steve Claridge scored in the last minute of extra-time for Leicester City to win 21. The next season saying Coppell understand charge as first-team supervisor in the same way as Dave Bassett departed for Nottingham tree-plant in yet to be 1997 The club was successful in the play-offs at the second period of asking with they defeated Sheffield joined 10 in the unmovable at Wembley.

This stay in the Premier League was no more flourishing than the previous two, and in authentic yo-yo club fashion Palace were relegated help to the First disaffection at the end of the 199798 season. The club moreover had a new owner bearing in mind recruitment tycoon Mark Goldberg completed his appropriation in June 1998.

In the doldrums: Two administrations (19982010)
Terry Venables returned to Palace for a second spell as superintendent and the club competed in European competition during the summer considering they played in the UEFA Intertoto Cup. Palace later went into administration in 1999, taking into account owner Mark Goldberg was unable to withhold his financial backing of the club. Venables left and Steve Coppell took higher than another time as manager. The club emerged from administration under the ownership of Simon Jordan, and Coppell was replaced as superintendent by Alan Smith for a second time. Palace were something like relegated in Jordan’s first season, in 200001. Smith was sacked in April and long-serving coach Steve Kember took more than as caretaker superintendent and managed to win the two surviving fixtures that would guarantee survival, Dougie Freedman scoring the winner in a 10 victory on top of Stockport County in the 87th minute upon the resolved morning of the season. Steve Bruce was appointed supervisor for the 200102 season. A fine begin to the season gave Palace hope for a promotion challenge, but Bruce attempted to promenade out on the club after just four months at the helm to acknowledge charge of Birmingham City. After a quick spell upon ‘gardening leave’, Bruce was eventually allowed to belong to Birmingham, succeeded by Trevor Francis, who had ironically been his predecessor at the Midlands club.

Under Francis, Palace curtains mid-table for two successive seasons, but he next departed to be replaced by Steve Kember. Kember guided Palace to victories in their launch three games of the 200304 First disaffection campaign, which put the club at the summit of the table, but he was sacked in November after a terrible loss of form saying the team fall towards the relegation zone. Iain Dowie was appointed proprietor and guided the club to the play-off final, securing marketing in imitation of a 10 victory beyond West Ham. anew Palace could not preserve their area in the top tier and were relegated on the last morning of the season after drawing at local rivals Charlton Athletic.

A crowd of people and a police van outdoor a building.
Crystal Palace fans excitement and await anxiously for news outdoor the Lloyds HQ in London on 1 June 2010
Following that relegation, Simon Jordan was unable to put the club upon a solid financial footing in the neighboring few years, and in January 2010 the club was with once more placed in administration, this mature by a creditor. The Football League’s regulations saying the Eagles deducted ten points and the administrators were motivated to sell key players including Victor Moses and Jos Fonte. Neil Warnock had along with departed as superintendent in the to the fore allocation of 2010. He had taken beyond as commissioner in 2007, replacing Peter Taylor who had a brief spell as manager. Paul Hart took on top of as caretaker proprietor for the unquestionable weeks of the season. survival in the Championship was isolated secured upon the resolution morning of the season after a memorable 22 fascination at Sheffield Wednesday, which was itself relegated as a result.

Established put up to in the Premier League (2010present)
During the close season CPFC 2010, a consortium consisting of several wealthy fans successfully negotiated the purchase of the club. They were led by Steve Parish, the vocal representative for the consortium of four that along with included Stephen Browett, Jeremy Hosking and Martin Long. Crucially, the consortium also secured the freehold of the ground, and paid award to a fans’ disquiet which helped pressure Lloyds Bank into selling the arena support to the club. The consortium neatly installed George Burley as the additional Palace manager. However a needy begin to the season saying the club hovering vis–vis the bottom of the table by December. upon 1 January 2011, after a 03 extinguish to Millwall, Burley was sacked and his partner Dougie Freedman named caretaker manager. Freedman was appointed governor upon a full-time basis upon 11 January 2011. Palace moved happening the table and by securing a 11 glamor at Hull City on 30 April, the club was secure from relegation considering one game of the season left. After option year and a half as manager, Freedman departed to direct Bolton Wanderers upon 23 October 2012.

In November 2012, Ian Holloway became manager. He guided Palace support to the Premier League after an eight-year non-attendance by defeating Watford 10 in the Championship play-off truth at the additional Wembley, but resigned in October 2013. like a brief spell under Tony Pulis, and an failed second tenure as proprietor for Neil Warnock, former Palace artist Alan Pardew was declared as the extra proprietor in January 2015. In his first full season, Pardew led Palace to the 2016 FA cup Final, their first for 26 years, losing 12 after extra-time to Manchester United. In December 2016, Pardew was sacked and replaced by Sam Allardyce, who kept the club in the Premier League but resigned brusquely at the end of the season. upon 26 June 2017, Palace appointed their first long-lasting foreign superintendent in former Dutch international Frank de Boer, who was dismissed after solitary 77 days in charge, in the same way as the club having lost their first four league games at the start of the 201718 season. His replacement, Roy Hodgson, was appointed the adjacent day.

Colours and crest
Mono photograph of the front of the Palace and some of its surrounding grounds.
The Crystal Palace, the faade of which appears upon the club crest.

Pete the Eagle The club’s mascot (2016)
When Crystal Palace F.C. were founded in 1905, they turned to one of the biggest clubs in the country at the time, Aston Villa, to aspiration advice. Villa helped the club in a number of ways, not least by donating their kit. As a result, Palace’s colours were originally claret and blue shirts paired bearing in mind white shorts, socks tending to be claret. They kept to this formula fairly consistently until 1938. The 193738 strip wise saying them try vertical stripes of claret and blue upon the jersey rather than the claret body and blue sleeves, but in 1938 they fixed to abandon the claret and blue and lecture to white shirts and black shorts gone matching socks. Although they returned to claret and blue from 1949 to 1954, the 1955 season axiom them return to white and black, now using claret and blue as trim.

There were variations on this theme until 1963 taking into account the club adopted the away strip of yellowish-brown jersey as the house colours. In 1964 the club adopted an all-white strip modelled upon genuine Madrid whom the club had played recently in a friendly, back they returned to claret and blue jerseys in the manner of white shorts in 1966. The club continued subsequently variations on this theme occurring until Malcolm Allison’s arrival as official in 1973. Allison overhauled the club’s image, adopting red and blue vertical stripes for colours and kit, inspired by FC Barcelona. Palace have played in variations of red and blue ever since, bar the centenary season of 2005 which wise saying them deploy a description of their 197172 claret, blue and white kit.

The club were relatively late in establishing a crest. Although the initials were embroidered onto the shirt from the 193536 season, a crest featuring the faade of The Crystal Palace did not appear until 1955. This crest disappeared from the shirt in 1964, and the team’s declare appeared embroidered on shirts in 196772. 1972 saying a round badge adopted gone the club’s initials and nickname “the Glaziers” previously Allison distorted this too. The nickname became “the Eagles”, inspired by Portuguese club Benfica, and the badge adopted an eagle holding a ball. This emblem remained until 1987 like the club married the eagle past the Crystal Palace faade, and although updated in 1996 and once again in 2013, the crest retains these features. previously mid-2010, the club has made use of an American bald eagle, called Kayla, as the club mascot, like the bird flying from one end of the stadium to the extra at all home game.

Kit manufacturers and sponsors
Since 2018, Crystal Palace’s kit has been manufactured by Puma. Previous manufacturers supplement Umbro (197577), Admiral (197780, 198788, 200304), Adidas (198083, 199699), Hummel (198487), Bukta (198892), Ribero (199294) Nutmeg (199496), TFG Sports (19992001) Le Coq Sportif (200103), Diadora (200407), Errea (200709), Nike (200912), Avec (201214), and Macron (201418).

The club’s shirts are currently sponsored by ManBetX, and have back been sponsored by Red Rose (198384), top Score (198586), AVR (198687), Andrew Copeland (198788), hover Virgin (198891), Tulip Computers (199193), TDK (199399), Churchill Insurance (200006), GAC Logistics (200614), Neteller (201415), and (201517).

The club signed its first sleeve sponsor considering every Football, a Chinese football-based social media application, in 2017.